Friday, November 30, 2012


Tomorrow is December! Whaaa?!

I'm a little late getting this out, so going to do this quickly.

If you'd like to participate in DeBloAdMo, it's easy. Create an Activities Advent Calendar like the one below, and each day when you open your Advent Calendar, blog about what you have done. It's a good way to get blogging regularly, and it's a great way to spend the month of Christmas with your family! Add a piece of chocolate if you want, but the important thing is finding activities that will bring you and your family and friends closer together and get into the Christmas spirit.

Here is our Advent Calendar plans for the month:

1. Go to the Panto! Kick off December with Puss In Boots.
2. Check email for message from Santa. (
3. Write and post our letters to Santa, and string cranberries for the birds.
4. Design a Christmas Tree wall poster.
5. Make paper lanterns to decorate for Christmas.
6. Bake gingerbread men for the Christmas tree.
7. Cut colourful snowflakes and hang them in the window.
8. Go to Lolly’s Wizard of Oz birthday party!
9. Have a Christmas picnic in our pajamas on the floor.
10. Paint Christmas tree ornaments.
11. Make Christmas cards, and deliver cards to all the neighbours.
12. Make reindeer food to sprinkle on Christmas Eve.
13. Wrap the doors in wrapping paper like a present.
14. Make Christmas wreaths.
15. Go to Edinburgh for the day to visit old friends!
16. Eat dinner by candlelight only with the fancy dishes.
17. Paint canvases for Christmas presents.
18. Go out to tea for Lolly’s birthday! Happy birthday, Lolly!
19. Drink hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie.
20. Make Christmas crackers.
21. Bake Christmas cookies.
22. Look through old photo albums and talk about the pictures.
23. Nativity Play at church! Then read books about Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.
24. Put out a carrot for Rudolph, reindeer food, and milk and cookies for Santa.
25. Eat chocolate gravy for breakfast and open presents!!

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