Saturday, November 03, 2012

Precious Moments

This morning, I went to put my daughters in a bath, so I laid Jaguar down on the bed next to Scott who was taking a nap. I started running the water, when Jaguar started wailing. I was feeling myself getting tense, the way you do when your tiny baby is crying, and was rushing to get the girls undressed and in the tub. Suddenly the crying subsided, and I guessed that Scott was comforting him. I filled the tub, got the girls in, and went back to my room to check on the baby. Scott was still asleep, but Jaguar was lying right beside him, calm and contented, with his little tiny hand stroking his daddy's unshaven cheek.

It was beautiful, my little boy, finding peace and harmony in the world at the touch of his daddy's face. I quickly snatched up my phone from the nightstand, muttering to myself 'Don't stop, don't stop' and snapped a photo just in time before he moved his hand away.

I am thankful for precious moments. These moments get forgotten after a while, but when they happen, our hearts are melted and our souls are stirred by the joy of living.

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