Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh Dear, What, Days 11-12?

I've not been good this weekend with Advent Calendar stuff.

Day 11 was 'Make festive cookies and deliver them to neighbours.' Well, I only just made the gingerbread men! Plus, on Saturday, I was at work from 12-6pm, then had a night out planned for 7.30. So I barely saw the kids that day, let alone find time to bake cookies together.

Then today, Day 12, was 'Look through old photo albums and talk about the pictures.' Well, today I worked from 11.30am-5pm, and when I got home, the kids and Scott were still at Scott's parents house for their family dinner. I stayed in, cleaned up for my gift-wrapping party I had tonight, and when the kids got home, we put them in their jammies, gave them kisses and sent them to bed. So again, I barely even saw them today!

So I have failed miserably, but we will make it up. I still have to make that family e-card, but I'll get to that. Maybe on Christmas morning. :)

On a non-fail note, though, I had that aforementioned gift-wrapping party tonight and got almost ALL my wrapping done in one go. I still have a few more to wrap - but they mostly include things I haven't finished making yet, so there's my excuse.

Oh gosh, speaking of making things, I have SO MUCh left to do. And, um, Lolly's birthday party is this next weekend. So I need to get that all planned out. Not to mention two TinyTalk Christmas parties and a special TinyTalk toddler group Christmas class this week. Thank goodness NEXT week is mostly free to finish these Christmas presents! And thank goodness I only work three more shifts before Christmas. So take those three nights, as well as the two Mondays for Steel Magnolias rehearsals (oh, and Tuesday for One-Act rehearsals), the rest of the nights SHOULD be free for sewing.

I feel very tired all of a sudden.

That could be partially due to the fact it is past midnight. I need to get to bed.

So anyway, fingers crossed my children will get some motherly love this week.

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