Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies on Day 23

Will it happen?

It might. I've got the oven pre-heating and the rock-solid block of butter on top of the stove hopefully softening from the heat of the oven below. But my heart's not in it. Nor is my head. Or my nose and throat. I have a cold.

And I am a little bit afraid of germs and get squigged at the thought of baking while germs are wiggling and crawling all over the place. But I can sort of find comfort in imagining them all dying in the hot oven.

So I'm hoping we'll get around to it.

The biggest problem is getting me off this couch. I feel like rubbish. And, yay for me, I get to go to work tonight like this! Awesome!

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