Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Day 7

This Advent blogging thing has been great for my blogging momentum. I'm now blogging twice a day!

We failed miserably on Day 7 - Make a family video e-card and send it to family and friends. For one, I am totally PMSing today and have pretty much done very little besides rub my temples, take deep breaths (in between shouting at the kids) and sigh heavily. Scott has been non-stop World of Warcrafting it since the expansion came out last night. The kids have been tearing up the house while Dora the Explorer has been on constant repeat. So no family video e-card today. Maybe another day, perhaps when they are dressed nicely, like on a Sunday.

I suppose I should give myself SOME credit (though not much), in that we did drag ourselves out of the house this morning to run our church's toddler group. Fifi's nursery was off today because of snow, so I took the two of them for a walk to toddlers. Only five of us showed up, but it was well worth it to get out of the house and give the kids something to do. Fifi got to play with her friend Kiera who was also off nursery, and Lolly got to play with her little toddler friends. And I got to chat with MY friends, which was nice.

And then this afternoon, I took them around the shops while I ran some errands. I posted a present to my sis-in-law Charity, bought some twinkly Christmas tree lights, got Lolly her first pair of ballet shoes - which she LOVED - and even got sidetracked and took a wee wander through Smack Generator... er, I mean Cash Generator, and ended up buying a mini-fridge for £9.99 for the kids room. I mean, that is totally buying myself some mornings off. I'll just stick a couple of milk cartons and yogurts in it, next to some fruit and voila kids can eat in their rooms while watching a DVD on their own DVD player, while Scott and I sleep in a little longer. Merry Christmas, kids.

Tonight I was supposed to have a rehearsal and then go to my friend's Craft Night. But rehearsal was cancelled and weather is supposedly gonna get to -12C tonight, and she lives up the Port (which is up the hill and always gets three times the amount of snow we get down here), so I'm thinking it's safer just to hang out here and do some Christmas sewing. I have a LOT of sewing to do for Christmas presents and really need to get started. I was gonna get started at Heather's Craft Night, but it'll have to be done here, alone.

Tomorrow will hopefully be more of a pro-active day. I don't know if schools will be back on or not, but I imagine so. If roads are safe to drive - which I am not sure of considering the freezing temps tonight will freeze over all the slush and snow on the roads - I'll take her to nursery and maybe do something fun with Lolly. But chances are I'll stay in with the two of them and need to force myself out of this funk in order to enjoy our lovely time together.

Maybe we'll make a video e-card.

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