Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm on such a losing streak.

No Advent promises fulfilled today.

We were supposed to wrap presents in brown paper and decorate the packages. Well, first of all, I've already wrapped nearly all of our presents. The only ones left are a couple that I've only just finished making. But we never did it. We ran some errands after nursery this morning (Lolly and I had been at my church's toddler group), and then we took Scott's mum up to the hospital for an appointment. We stuck around in the cafe for a while with her, then me and the girls headed back into town to go to ballet. (Yes, Lolly's in ballet now! It's too freaking cute!) While they balleted, I did our grocery shopping. Then we came home, I fed my brood, and then I rushed back out to You Made Me rehearsal (which was fun and productive). So yeah, no present wrapping and decorating.

I did, however, finish yet another sewing project. Fifi is Mrs. Snowman in her nursery's Christmas concert, and I was asked to make her a snowwoman costume. So I did that tonight after rehearsal. Photo to follow in the morning, when I have her try it on!

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