Monday, December 06, 2010

Day 6

"Cut colourful snowflakes and hang them in the window."

Well, what an appropriate activity for a day like today. We woke up around 8 (don't know what possessed my children to sleep so late but long may it go on!), and it was fine outside. We got in the car at 8.45 to take Scott to work, and big, heavy snowflakes were falling. We dropped Scott off at work at 8.55 and the roads were white and slushy. I tried to drive Fifi to nursery but couldn't get there because the roads were impassable. I got home at 9.30. It took me thirty-five minutes to drive five miles in that snow.

So we made snowflakes. Fifi desperately wanted out in the garden to build snowmen, but I'm a terrible mother and didn't want to deal with two cold, wet, wild children. Or a cold, wet me, for that matter. So I entertained them with making our paper lanterns from yesterday and our snowflakes for today.

Fifi had a ball using the 'grown-up' scissors, and Lolly enjoyed scribbling all over the paper. And when we made our snowflakes, Fifi enjoyed cutting, while Lolly enjoyed... ripping up Fifi's snowflakes. Oops. There is a LOT of cello-tape on these snowflakes, I can assure you.

Then they both enjoyed going into the close and hanging up their creations.

(As you can see, the snowflakes didn't make the window. I put them in the window last year, and thought they were a bit of an eyesore for the passers-by. Should've changed it on the calendar but eh.)

Other activities today included running a TinyTalk class for one family (hope you enjoyed it, Joanne!) and baking a German chocolate cake. Mmmm. Needed something to entice the children away from the snow outside. And needed something warmer than Fifi's suggestions of smoothies and ice cream.

Yeah, if I were a good mum, I'd have had them out sledging and building snowmen all day. But I'm rubbish and will probably ruin them somehow by not giving them happy childhood memories of playing in the snow. Eh, I'm not too worried. African and South American children don't get snow, and they turn out perfectly fine without those memories.


  1. ♥Rebekkah6:42 PM

    The last paragraph made me smirk. ;)
    I like how the snowflakes turned out, Audrey and I used colourful paper as well, but Pete just wanted to stick to plain ol' white. What a bore ;)

    ps. I ♥ Isla's outfit. I'm going to assume you made it.

  2. Anonymous5:15 AM

    what lovely ideas you have and certainly not a boring mum. Im going to use some of your ideas today as Nathan off school due to weather too. def a day by the fire!

  3. Ooh, glad you like Isla's outfit, Rebekkah. *wink* Take it you haven't opened your kids' Christmas presents from us that Marion brought over! :D

  4. Rebekkah4:13 PM

    Haha yes! That's what I was hoping you would say. lol


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