Sunday, December 05, 2010

Day 4-5

Technically, it's actually 48 minutes into Day 6 so oops, haven't done so well. But here's my excuses: Day 4, Saturday, I was barely two feet in the house all day. I was out by 9am to get my photo shoot done for Steel Magnolias (photo to be uploaded later this week when made public!). Then, I was back around 11 for a couple of hours until Scott, Fifi and I were headed back out for the panto matinee. (And, off topic, we nearly smashed into a pole due to the ice. But Scott was driving, and he managed to save our car and my life, but that's another story. Yay for Scott!) I was then at the panto the rest of the day, as I stayed there during the time between the matinee and the evening show. I got home that night after 11pm. So that's why no posting.

Day 4 was 'Fifi goes to panto with Daddy, while Lolly goes to Granny's!' so at least our Advent Activity got taken care of.

Day 5, today, my excuse is similar but not as good. We left the house this morning around 11.45 for church. Then Scott went to work, and me and the kids went to the grandparents' house for dinner and a coal fire. Scott came home from work at 5, drove us by the house, and he took the kids while I headed straight back out to MY work. I got home after 10pm. Too late to work on our Activity for the day ('Make paper lanterns to decorate for Christmas'), so I watched a DVD instead.

Tomorrow (technically today) is Day 6, so we'll have some catching up to do. Paper lantern making plus whatever the project is supposed to be for today. I just hope we'll have time. I forgot it is the day the photographer comes to TinyTalk, so class will run longer than usual. I hope tomorrow's Activity is easy enough.

Well, to end this, I'll just link you to two other people doing the DeBloAdMo challenge, Cheryl and Rebekkah. Have a glance at their blogs to see what they are up to this December!

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