Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 18, 19,etc

I've cheated the last few days. On the 18th, which was Lolly's birthday, we had planned her party for 10.30am-1pm, then we were going to go to Glasgow with the family for dinner and an IMAX film at 3, so I didn't want to put anything really in their calendar I knew we couldn't accomplish. So the activity was simply 'Go to Lolly's birthday party!'

Then today, again, I knew we'd be busy as it was the kids' nativity play at church, so today was simply 'Perform in your nativity play at church!'

Easy. And we succeeded in doing both.

(More about Lolly's party later. I'm going to bed now, after spending the 2 and a half hours after work there tonight sewing Christmas presents.)

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