Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Day 8

It is five minutes to midnight, so technically I should get credit for posting on the 8th, but I suppose by the time I finish, it'll be tomorrow, so it'll come up as the 9th. Oh well.

We have yet to catch up on yesterday's activity. And we failed today too. Today we were supposed to make gingerbread men to hang on the Christmas tree. So we went to the grocery store to get the ingredients, but while there, got a text from Maria inviting us over after lunch. So the girls and I went over for a few hours to play. We left around 3.30, me thinking we'd have a couple of hours free to make our gingerbread men, until I remembered the dough has to chill for two hours first before rolling and cutting. To which I said 'Screw that'. So we came home, I put on the tree lights and a DVD and turned out the lights and took a nap while the kids quietly watched Charlie and Lola. I woke up 45 minutes later, prepared a quick dinner and got ready for work.

So, we didn't make our gingerbread men. I hope to do it tomorrow, though, as I love gingerbread men.

However, I did get prepared beforehand for tomorrow's activity. I had a feeling I knew what was next and checked, and I was correct. Tomorrow the kids are going to go on a treasure hunt to find a special present. A special present I hadn't made yet. So tonight after work, I made them their Christmas dolls.

I've had these pieces cut out since last Christmas. I never managed to finish them last year, so I was determined this year to make them.

Behold, the process (the abridged version):

Pattern pieces cut for over a year.

Stuffing the arms and legs - my least favourite part.

The finished product. No faces, yeah, I know, but I like it that way.

So now all I need to do is make up clues and hide them around the house. I'll do that tomorrow while Fifi is at nursery.

It is now 20 past 12. I'm off to bed.

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  1. ♥Rebekkah12:53 PM

    The dolls like this that you made for Apple and Sparrow,..well, they're one the 'favourites', around the house. just thought you would like to know that. :)


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