Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 13

It might technically be the 14th now, but it's still the same waking-hours day of the 13th. I don't usually like to stay up so late, but these days that how I roll.

I finally finished a project I've had in mind for a while. I actually can't believe I finished it in one night. I expected it to be a several-night-long job. So I'm dead chuffed at the extra time that has afforded me for other sewing projects due to be completed before Christmas.

So, Advent. Yes. Today was an easy one, which I got out of the way before Fifi even left for nursery this morning. We were to read a story about Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus. So we read the story out of her children's Bible, then we read a lovely wee book called 'What's Christmas?'. I considered blogging then and there to get it done, but didn't, and now here we are at 12.30am. Oh well.

Not much else really to say about today. I had my TinyTalk Christmas party this afternoon for my Monday class and really enjoyed myself. I had Steel Magnolias rehearsal tonight, and even though there were only three of us there, that was good too. Mainly just for my own confidence in knowing I'm coming on with learning my lines. It's always frightening thinking you don't know how you'll learn all those lines, but once you put the script down and realise you know quite a lot of lines already, it helps with the fear. And the show isn't until March anyway.

Well, anyway, so I've nothing really else to say. Ooh, except I bought a CD alarm clock. Been wanting one for so long. I think I could be happily awoken in the morning if it were to the dulcet sounds of The Decemberists or something. I should go set it up along with my Teasmade. What a gorgeous way to wake up in the morning!

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