Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Dec 22nd!

I'm averaging about every other day right now. Blogging, that is.

I'm 0 for < A LOT > on the Activity calendar. Yesterday we never got our chance to make reindeer food. Well, actually, we had the time, just not the supplies. I somewhere have a whole box full of those little delicate-looking bags you get at weddings; you know, the wee translucent muslin ones with satin ties. I wanted to put the reindeer food in those but cannot for anything find that box. I know I've seen them recently, so where are they? Today, I thought we'd make up for it by just mixing up the reindeer food (oats, rice, glitter, foil confetti, silver cake decorating balls), and we'd just put it in some normal bags, but I couldn't even find any normal bags.

Then today's activity was to eat on the nice plates for dinner by candelight. It was a bit humourous, as the menu tonight was going to be hamburgers and chips, but even that didn't happen, because Scott's dad invited us last minute to theirs for dinner, and me, always up for a cooking-free night, gladly accepted. I expect that dinner with Granny and Grampa (or Nanee and Poppaw, as Lolly calls them) trumps fancy dishes and candlelight (and burgers, for that matter) any day. So they were happy.

Only two more days of the calendar. I wonder if we'll make it? I never did the festive cookies for the neighbours, so maybe me and the kids can do that tomorrow.

Last night, I went to a carol choir concert. It was lovely. I love the sound of choirs. And you know what else I love? The O shaped mouths of choral singers. :D I know that O shaped mouths are necessary for opening up the full sound of the notes and all, but it's still funny to look at all the different O's each person makes. Anyway, it was very festive and Christmasy, and I enjoyed it. I even wore my new dress I made! Unfortunately, it was so cold in the chapel that I had to keep my coat on the entire time.

And tomorrow, Lolly will be a sort of last minute addition to the nativity concert her Thursday toddler group is putting on. We used to be regular attenders there, but have only been a handful of times since Fifi started nursery, because we always have to leave early to go pick Fifi up. But we're going tomorrow, so Lolly will be in it. Or at least she'll be in AMONGST it, walking around in costume. I imagine most of the toddlers will be only somewhat involved.

So yeah, it's getting pretty darn Christmasy. I'm actually, really super excited this year.

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  1. Strangely, I am too. Excited for Christmas this year I mean.


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