Friday, December 03, 2010

Day 3

Today, our 'letter from Santa' said to write our letters to Santa and post them. The Royal Mail does this thing where if you write to a certain address (below) Santa will write back. So we are going to do that today. However, we have only half gotten around do it, because I'm trying to clean. And I'm feeling unmotivated. It's very snowy outside and the thought of even walking down to the post box is totally sinking me. (Am in the middle of performance week for Panto, and I'm just so tired.)

But my good friend Sarah is coming over with Cameron who is off school today, and I'm going to keep Cam for her while she does some Christmas shopping, so maybe we can all do it together. That might make me feel more motivated, doing a project with a six year old who can help Fifi, my almost-four year old, so I can focus on Lolly, an almost-two year old (two weeks 'til her birthday!) Because when I do a project, it's not just a letter to Santa - there will be stickers, pens, and possibly glitter and glue. Our letters to Santa have to be awesome.

And speaking of Panto earlier, we surprised Fifi last night with a ticket to the show. After dinner, I told her to go brush her teeth. She, of course, thought that was because it was time for bed. She asked, 'Can I watch a nice, quiet DVD first?' Scott and I said no. Then we added, 'Oh, and you can't have a bedtime story tonight either.', to which she began crying her eyes out over. Cruel, I know. Then I told her I had some good news and some bad news. The bad news is she can't watch a DVD or get a bedtime story (harder tears). The good news is she's coming to the Panto with Mummy tonight! Tears turned into hysterical laughter. She was absolutely beside herself delighted. So we got her ready, and she came with me. I took her backstage, and she got to see everyone as they were getting ready. Then Pauline, my friend who was taking her into the show, arrived and she sat with her through the show. She was a bit frightened of the bad fairy, but in her words, 'I got a bit braver.' Before long, she was booing the baddies and having a great time. I enjoyed the show so much last night, as I was performing just for her. And in the end, she told me I was the best one on stage. What a girl.

Oh yeah, and here's that Royal Mail address:
Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa’s Grotto,

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