Thursday, December 09, 2010

Day 9 - Already?!

Good grief, December is whizzing past. Anyway.

So I made up for my rubbish attempts at Adventing it the past few days with my treasure hunt today. While Fifi was at nursery, I created several clues and printed them off and stuck them all over the house. Now, I can't take credit for all the poems, because a few of them I stole from various websites, and the ones I did write myself were nearly all at least inspired by something stolen from a website. But regardless, I was quite proud of how well our treasure hunt went. It went something like this:

(Click to enlarge if you want to read the clues.)

Each clue led to a different clue until finally the kids were led to the room where the toys were hidden, and we played Hot/Cold to locate them. Their reactions?

It was a lot of fun. And it was made better by the fact Scott was home to do the treasure hunt with them. Since he hadn't seen the clues yet, it was fun for me to see him read them.

Oh, and I also changed my mind about their facelessness after revisiting the website that made it all possible, and photos like this in particular. Now, she does her faces with acrylic paints. I did not have time to mix up acrylic paint colours, so I used craft pens. Which means if I throw these girls in the wash, out the faces come. But for now, I'm pleased with the result.

I think they are pleased too. (The dolls, that is.)

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  1. Love the dolls Lori :)

    I will be stealing this idea for next year i think :)


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