Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Review in Photos

Lolly has a pretty little birthmark on her right cheek. We've called this a few different things - a beauty spot, a fairy kiss, a Jesus kiss, a cutie mark.

Today Lolly casually told me, while clambering all over me, doing somersaults all over the sofa, that 'Jesus came out of my heart, and then Jesus kissed my cheek, and then Jesus went back into my heart.'


We have a bit of a mustache obsession around here these days, since Scott grew a mustache for Movember. I love my mustache chocolate lollipop mould, but my favourite is Jaguar's mustache dummy.


I spent the day today on my Simplicity mission, clearing out my bedroom. I cleared out three bags for the charity shop and one bag of rubbish. On top of that I cleared out a massive pile of things to stick on eBay, like the above baby socks. I have listed 18 23 items on eBay so far, but one thing that I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of, not yet, was this beautiful snowsuit of Lolly's. I'm just not ready yet.


Tummy Tub bath followed by a baby massage... these will be some of my fondest memories of Jaguar's babyhood. Tonight we used Burt's Bees baby oil instead of the usual plain almond oil. My hands smell wonderful.


I may not get much sleep when all the children climb into bed with me in the morning, but I do love those sleepy, beautiful faces.

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