Saturday, January 26, 2013

Six Months!

The following post was written two weeks ago but never published. Since I've got the opportunity to go to bed early tonight (having accomplished so far goals 1 and 2 for the weekend), I'll just leave you with this wee post for today. Good night.


11 January 2013

My goal this month has been to blog something every day, and when possible, blog something fairly interesting.

But how do I blog something interesting after having just folded five baskets of laundry?

(Truth. I only folded three. The other two are still waiting.)

So tonight I leave you with a little 'taster' (ha) of the baby led weaning returning to the McFarlane household after four years.

Baby Jaguar be's six months old!

(How? And I mean, when? Where? I just don't know. I honestly thought he was just in my tummy a minute ago.)

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