Sunday, September 26, 2004

So. Only three more days and I'm out of the country.


I got my visa, easy as pie. Good thing. I am cleared for entry into the United Kingdom. The UK won't be big enough for the Lori!

I like being married. No, I love being married. I think what I love most is going to sleep with him every night beside me. And then waking up every morning, him beside me. Though I don't like trying to get him out of bed. He's a lazy-butt. Tomorrow morning I'm letting him sleep in though while I make chocolate gravy and biscuits (with bacon and eggs) for breakfast. My brothers don't live here anymore (We're at my parents' house) and my parents will both be at work so we have the morning all to ourselves. I might do some other things before I wake him up, like take a nice long bath and watch tv or something.

Scott and I were discussing in the car on the way to Cabot the other day our last five albums we bought. (We were talking about the application for KXUA, the student radio station, where this question is asked. I actually admitted to having received Extreme's Best Of album and they still hired me.) So my most recent to date are:
-The new Faint album
-Postal Service
-Wilson Phillips (*blushes)
-the Trainspotting soundtrack
-the Love Actually soundtrack

I'm way not hip. Yours? (And don't lie- I admitted to Wilson Phillips.)

We also talked about mixtapes and how painfully pretentious it is to make a tape of music one should get into. However, I have a nice sweet story of the best mixtape I ever got. My old roommate Katie and I were in a music store back before I was very into indie music. She asked me if I like Modest Mouse, and I shrugged. She asked me if I liked several bands, and I didn't know any of them. She kept saying, "You don't know Built to Spill?!" I got embarrassed and told her to stop announcing how musically uneducated I am. When we got in the car she apologized.

The next morning I got up for work and in the bathroom was a mixtape and a note. She said she was sorry for making me feel dumb, and to apologize she had made me a mixtape of many popular indie bands so I could know for myself if I liked them or not. She titled the mixtape "Don't feel dumb" and subtitled it "You don't have to like it." It was the nicest mixtape ever received. And I have subsequently purchased nearly all the albums featured on it. She did very good.

That is enough for tonight. I'm sliding back into the blogging spirit.

Love, Lori

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