Sunday, September 12, 2004

Scott is sitting behind me!!! He's playing Amanda's guitar. At least he's not playing his new pitch pipe that I got him to go with his new mandolin. (The mandolin's not here yet for him to play but Mom'll bring it up Wednesday. So for now it's the pitch pipe. I'm so glad he found a guitar to play instead.)

Ah, having him here feels so GREAT! I am so thoroughly happy. I love running around with him, running errands, or eating dinner. Whatever. I love all of it.

And I have been loving playing house. Now before any of you married types come on and tell me that'll get old quick, I know that already. But for now, I love ironing his shirts and asking what he wants for breakfast (though this morning I didn't make the pancakes he asked for, I didnt have time before church.)

Frankly, right now I could care less about blogging so I'm gonna go. I'd rather play with my Scott. (Plus its murderously scorching in this back room- no air circulation, I'm about to sweat to death.)

I'll talk later when I'm less hot and more bored with Scott.

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