Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I Am A Winner!

I won a Gamecube! Really! From Codemasters!

I entered a competition on their website simply because I wanted to play a little Flash game on there, which I seen on Milk And Cookies (read with caution, some risque content, but lots of funny stuff too). Well, I checked my email yesterday and there was an email saying I'd came in first, won a Gamecube, a copy of the game, posters, cards, stuff, yay.

So I'm happy about that.

I'm not so happy about the fact that I'm going to miss the Polyphonic Spree's next gig in Scotland. I'm working, and I've used all my holidays to come here and get married. In fact, I used more than all of my holidays, I still have to work a few Saturdays to make up for what I missed.


But something else made me happy today. I was sitting eating some porridge I made myself. Mmm. Then Lori laughed loudly while she was on the computer. Go read Amanda's blog for why she laughed.

Guess who had left the pile of pennies on top of the freezer so it'd collapse when Amanda opened it? Hehe. Surprise, Amanda!

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