Friday, September 24, 2004

LA: Just Like Home

LA is so much like Glasgow it was comforting. Although it was crazy expensive, that wasn't so hot. $20 for breakfast wasn't a lot of fun.

We got up crazily early to leave our cozy log cabin for the airport. We were flying standby thanks to a kind gift from a friend, so we had to be there as soon as possible. In the end, we got seats on every flight we tried for, which was good. The flight from LA to Dallas looked ropey, but some seats appeared from nowhere (I'm assuming cancellations, not an extension to the plane or anything) and all was well.

While we were there, we got Lori's visa, which was also crazy expensive. As was the cab fare there. If you like money, don't go to LA. The actual visa-getting was much easier than we expected it to be, other than the five hour wait.

Now we are back in Fayetteville. Lori and Manda are talking, laughing and stuff. Manda got a CUTE new hairdo. Very nice.

I'd like to thank everyone I know for coming to our wedding. I was so happy to see some faces there that I actually knew, I'm sorry if I didn't get a huge amount of time to talk to you guys.

The booty dancing wasn't taken up as well as hoped, but that's fine. That meant I got to leave the reception earlier. No complaints here, I can tell you.

When I get home, I'll fix up the blog in the few days before I go back to work. Just in case anyone thought they'd point out the intentional mistake in the title, etc. There are also new pictures awaiting for the top.

Speaking of pictures:

Actually, Blogger is being funny and not letting me post the picture without automatically parsing the URL. So just go to the photo gallery, click on the Scott and Lori album and go to the last page. There are a few pictures for your delectation there.

Thanks for all the comments. You make us feel loved.

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