Thursday, September 09, 2004

Coldilocks and the Three Brrrs/Party Like It's 1999

It's getting cold outside. I love that!

I was gonna be all ser./emo but not after having read Scott's post about the songs we're having at our reception.

It's gonna be a regular Junior High dance, folks. I might even ask my friend Evin to bring his karaoke machine. My ex-dj is making a mix for us as well which I imagine will be full of great surprises for everyone, except perhaps Mammaw and Pappaw. I suppose after 10 minutes Mammaw will be harping at me to "turn that racket down." (Daddy probably won't be too much of a fan either, but he'll be so sad that his little girl is going away that he won't say anything. Kinda like with the tattoo. He's learned to pick his battles in his old age.) Pappaw will still be fuming over the wine at the rehearsal dinner the night before, and as far as I know, dancing is a sin to them Pentycostals so I don't imagine him taking Mammaw by the arm and dancing the gig to "Two Become One". All this is ok though, because it's my wedding, and I want to dance!

I don't know if we picked enough slow songs. I'll have to look back over the list. I haven't put much thought into the way the reception should go. Perhaps we'll put in the ex-dj's mix while people are arriving and we're taking pictures. Then when we come in, we'll begin by dancing our dance (or is that too slow to begin the wild festivities? Perhaps we should enter with howling fanfare and kick off the dance party with Justin Timberlake- Rock Your Body.) We'll see how the evening goes. If you're coming to the wedding, my plan is to do my best to not be one of those snotty brides who suddenly forgets she has friends and walks around taking care of business. No, friends, my business is taken care of, let's rock our socks off! (There will be more business to take care of later, but we'll try to make it through a good part of the reception first.)

Scott and I will be dancing our famous first dance to the beautiful sounds of The Polyphonic Spree's "Days Like These (Keep Me Warm)". This song is very special to us- it brings back memories of last summer, sitting at his kitchen table late at night, before we had the nerve to hold hands or admit any affection, playing songs for each other and "innocently" playing footsie with our socked feet. Days like those have kept me warm during the long, cold separation, and a day like our wedding day will keep us warm for many more years to come. So "our song" seems appropriate for such a day and such a dance.

(Besides, The Polyphonic Spree grew out of Tripping Daisy, and how much more appropriate could you get for a Lori-wedding, short of Tripping Daisy itself? Only Radiohead would make it more Scott-n-Lori appropriate.)

This is gonna be a fun party. Andrew Byrns, be brushing up on your Savage Garden, for we've got some karaoking to do!

I can't wait to see/meet everybody.
(Mammaw would be shocked at the thought that I've got about 6 or so internet friends coming to my wedding- people I've never ever met in real life. It is rather disturbing in a way.)

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