Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I'm not fond of my poetry blog right now. I don't like to post on it because I know no one wants to go there and read poems. So I'm trying something new. From now on, when I feel like posting a poem, I will post here and post it simultaneously there. So if you ever like a poem and want to find it easily, it'll be there, at Drop of Daylight.

Because I'm moving to Scotland soon, and Scott will be here soon (3 days!!!) this is a wee poem inspired by the uninspiring gray skies of Scotland.

In Memory of Corduroy

Scotland skies on a normal day
mock that gray corduroy skirt
I wore every Tuesday, Chapel Day,
when I was ten.

Chapel with its dim lights and songs and prayers
shadowed my friendlessness like a friend.
I fit in with Mary and Jesus
who also wore homemade dresses
and messy hair.

The stained glass masked my stained
corduroy skirt, and praising the Lord
lifted my heavy eyes right to the pulpit
across the altar into the baptismal.

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