Tuesday, September 21, 2004


We are currently honeymooning so don't expect much of a post here-- we've got better things to be doing.

However, we had to leave our cozy cabin to come into town to get our marriage certificate (we go off for the visa tomorrow- could use prayers!), and we picked up our wedding pictures while we were here. 18 rolls. They are so good! Scott's gonna post 2 or 3 for ya now, but we'll save most of them for when we have time for a proper post.

Thanks to everyone who came to the wedding, particularly the out-of-towners (Benj, Joshua, Kristen, and Judah, etc.) We loved seeing/meeting you.

And we love being married. :D I love being Mrs. McFarlane. I keep wanting someone to call me that, but it hasn't happened yet.

We will blog more next week when we are in Cabot with my family. We're having so much fun!!!!

I won't give you the details.

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