Tuesday, September 07, 2004

About Nothing

I need to write a light-hearted post, lest I lose too many readers.

A Light-Hearted Post -by Lori

My favorite color is pink.

I don't know when pink became my favorite color, but at one point in time it suddenly thus became and was as if it always had been so.

I was a tomboy as a little girl. Though admittedly I had a penchant for Barbie dolls, I was far more interested in GI Joes and Transformers over baby dolls, dirty blue jeans over pretty dresses, and baseball over softball. And heaven forbid this child put on a pink anything. Oh I imagine the frustration I must've caused my poor mother when she tried to dress me in some pink garment sewn lovingly (or perhaps manipulatively) by my grandmother. I don't remember any specific time when I threw a fit over something pink, but I do remember the aggrevation I caused my dad when he tried to make me wear a pair of green tennis shoes they had bought me, and if I threw that much of a fuss over green tennis shoes, I can't imagine my reaction if a pink sundress was ever forced over my head.

But one day, I loved pink. And everyone suddenly accepted it as if I'd always loved pink. It was suddenly something that everyone knew about me, how much Lori loves pink. I had a pink bathroom in my first apartment, complete with pink towels, pink posters, a pink Powerpuff girl, and pink floor mat. Pink soap dispenser and trashcan, too.

Today I am wearing my pink coat. Saturday I was depressed because I couldn't find pink pillow shams to complete mine and Scott's bedding ensemble. (We are compromising with a brown and now purple bedroom.) [UPDATE: I think it's worth announcing that I just found the perfect pink shams on eBay and am trying to convince the seller to let me to Buy Them Now. Please pray.] I wear pink lipstick.

I wanted a pink wedding, but Scott said no. I love the red color I chose, but I still kind of wish it were all pink.

Here is an article about pink.

If you want to know why pink is my favorite color, this is why:
1. Some flowers are pink.
2. Some shoes are pink.
3. Pink is the color of blushing.
4. Pink is a girl color. And some boys can like pink, too.
5. Sometimes sunsets are pink.
6. Blondes sometimes look good in pink, and I'm a blonde now.
7. An old lady in Wal-Mart told me that she learned on Hollywood Squares that men like women in pink, any shade of pink, and she'd like to get a pink coat like mine.
8. Pink is cheeful and dainty and flirty all at once.

These are some of the reasons I like pink. My future daughters probably won't like pink, except for maybe Eleanor, certainly not Sophia, and this is just fine. I won't decorate my baby-girls' room in pink, but yellow because yellow is my second favorite color, and it's not so typical.

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