Wednesday, June 02, 2004


I just talked to Scott on Instant Messenger with his webcam on. (Actually it's his brother's digital camera.) Seeing his face erased all my fears. I know we will have a happy life together. And seeing his face reminded me how much cuter than me he is! I don't know why he's bothering with me at all. (I'm glad he is though.) I wonder if my digital camera works as a webcam? Gonna check it out when I get home.

I am constantly reminded how utterly surrounded I am with wonderful people. The families in my church home group are absolutely spectacular people. We had a Memorial Day BBQ together, and I laughed heartily almost the whole time. Heather with her Weight Watchers knowledge ("Let's see, I'll have the carrot cake because it's less POINTS since its got carrot.") and Kathy with her extremely long and thorough instructions on how to get in line to fill your plate and Bill and George with their terrible puns. I love these people. And they love me back! Everyone is so eager to help in any way they can with everything all the time. They always help me when I move out of an apartment. For the wedding, Heather (who works for an airline) is getting me and Scott plane tickets for our trip to LA to get my visa. Kathy and Ashlea want to help with food and decorations. Ethel (who is the cake manager at a grocery store) is getting me anything I need for my wedding cake. Then not to mention all the rest of the people in my church who want to help (Kristie for making the wedding cake, Kim for offering to make a chicken salad for the reception, etc.) And of course I can't forget Amanda who's been helping me with everything a maid of honor should. (And perhaps even, shouldn't.)

I'm so entirely blessed. Again, this brings sadness to my heart to be leaving this wonderful family, but I know we will all be reunited in Heaven, and God will bring me into a new body of believers where a family will develop. And I'll be married then so that'll be fun.

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