Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Finite Blues

I hate finite math.

Chris, I gave it the message. It said "Bite me."

Here's how the system works:
There are 8 modules/chapters.
There are 8 tests with deadlines for when the test can be taken.

It is computerized. You must answer 48 questions regarding the module. You must receive at least 90% correct before moving on. After you have completed the 48 questions correctly, you may move on to the Problems. After you have completed the problems (correctly, I'm assuming) you may take the test.

The first test deadline is Thursday.

I've gone through the 48 questions twice. The first time I missed 15. The second time I missed 17.

Now tell me, suppose I never get through the questions? I will miss the test deadline. Therefore I will fail the class. How is this a good system?? It's one thing to try all the homework, get it wrong and then take the test and make a D. (Or really I'd probalby make a C since I'm getting a lot of them right.) It's another thing to ban me from taking the test because I am unable to make an A on the homework part.

I should've taken Devon up on her offer to take the CLEP test for me. But those damn morals get in the way every time. Thanks to them, I buy my computer software and suffer through finite math courses.

I wonder if I'll even graduate.....

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