Friday, June 18, 2004

It's a hard life for a man with no wife....

I dreamed that Kim wasn't really in Scotland this summer, that it was all a big lie. I dreamed this because Wednesday my friend said he saw "Your friend with the blonde curly hair" at the Pedro the Lion show in Little Rock. Hmm... suspicious, eh?

So, the flat we got? The one discussed a few posts below? It's not ours now. Scott found something else, something better. So he cancelled the agreement. I feel a little sad, I was excited about red carpet and orange walls. Oh well. Scott knows what he's doing. This new place has two bedrooms (meaning Jonathan and Sarah have a place to sleep after they've drunk too much.) It also sounds like it has a bigger kitchen which pleases the cook in me. And probably the best part is that we both know the landlord. He goes to Scott's church and hasn't the strongest Scottish accent of any man I've ever met.

I'm listening to Bonnie Prince Billy.

Nothing else very interesting here. Possibly gonna see Harry Potter this weekend but the truth is, I have $2.17 in my checking account so I can't really fathom a way of paying for a movie this weekend. I was meant to see it last week when I had money but "Somebody" pooped out on me. Now I may never see it. Darned money. Darned rent. Darned credit cards.

Darned landlady for tricking us and making us sign a lease til the MIDDLE of August.

I'm done here. I'll be interesting some other day.

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