Monday, June 28, 2004

Scott was supposed to post...

In case you haven't noticed, Scott isn't very consistent with posting. Which is why we combined blogs in the first place. His was so frustrating to check because he never updated. Anyway, he was supposed to update this weekend, but he didn't. Perhaps he will soon.

Well, in Lori News, the garage sale went well. We had our first customer pull up precisely as we were putting up the sign leading into our driveway. He bought a desk and lots of kitchen stuff. From then on it was a constant flow of people. I sold almost everything. All my furniture (minus one desk) sold and almost all of my kitchen/house stuff. Pretty much the only stuff left is sitting on our kitchen table waiting to be taken to Salvation Army or someplace. I almost made my goal of $200, but not quite. However, if that desk sells, I will reach the goal.

Most of that money is going into our McFarlane savings account, but I took out just a little to purchase a new photo album to replace the one I had from junior high which has completely fallen apart. The new album is so attractive that I really wish the pictures inside weren't all taken when I was 13 and unable to properly work a camera. (So many double-exposed, blurry, finger-in-front-of-the-flash, heads-chopped-off 3x5 shots.) Oh well.

I also bought my first above-the-knee skirt in a LONG time. I'm losing weight. I justified the short skirt by that.

More Lori News? I cried pretty much all weekend. I miss Scott for now and miss my family and friends for the future. Plus I got the Love Actually soundtrack (which I've been wanting)and the songs make me simply miserable. Am I automatically disqualified as cool for crying with Dido?

That's about it for the Lori Weekend Update. This coming weekend I'm going home for 4th of July and I'll be spending Saturday at some second aunt's house who I haven't seen in years which most likely means a lot of wedding talk and/or a lot of comments on how much weight I've gained and "what are you gonna do with that English degree?" quizzing.

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