Monday, June 07, 2004

Weekend Update

1. I noticed that the backend of ambulances look like enormous Storm Troopers.

2. Found out Ronald Reagan, my first President, died.

3. Mom, Dad, Danny, Matt, Charity, and I probably became the first family in the history of the world to play Family Truth-or-Dare.

4. Calculated that the wedding is 102 days away, which, interestingly, is the same number of days as when we conducted our first countdown (of how long it would be til Scott came to America), which also, interestingly, began last year on the same day this countdown ends.

5. I went to visit my friend Billy in the hospital Sunday, and he seems to be doing very well, which is a miracle. He's not doing well in the sense that I am well, or perhaps some of you are well, but well in the sense that he is not dead and is quite lucid and can move his arms and talk. Again, this is a miracle so praise God!

6. Stole some books off my dad: "The Maze of Mormonism" by somebody-somebody and "Our Inerrant Bible" by somebody-else-somebody. I should look those up, huh?

7. Mom bought her Mother-of-the-Bride Dress. She looks stunning. And she is married. Back off. Plus, she's my mom. So back off.

8. Oh yeah, went to visit the family this weekend. If you didn't already guess. It was good. Barbeque chicken, grilled corn on the cob, potato salad, homemade ice cream- all a family get together should be.

9. Went through baby pictures. I was freakin' cute. But not as cute as my wee brother Matt. He wins.

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