Friday, June 11, 2004

Blessed by the Name of the LORD!

God can do all things.

Like for instance... I have a summer class to pay for which seems impossible. I called today for the balance and it was even higher than I thought. I asked for the due date- it isn't until the end of NEXT month!! I was certain I had to pay by the end of THIS month. So, I calculated what I have saved up now and what I will have saved up by the end of July-- it is PRECISELY enough!! Of course, why was I worried? Doesn't God do this ALL the time?? Hasn't He done it for me SEVERAL times?

I then figured up what I will have saved through August and the first week of September (not figuring in that I'm moving to a place with a smaller rent- hurray!), and I'm going to have enough to buy Scott's wedding ring AND actually have spending money for our honeymoon!

So Lori is a happy clam right now, and so is Scott. And we're in the process of finding a flat which is mega-exciting as well. It's all so soon. And God seems to be taking care of everything. I love that about him.

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." I like how it usually isn't until we have consciously decided to lay down our anxieties and trust God and seek Him before He proves to us He is always there. We were freaking out a couple days ago. We agreed to pray about it instead of freak out about it and voila! Money.

*NOTE- This does not mean there is a formula to getting what you want. You don't seek God TO get all these things added to you. It just happens that way. God promised it. With a catch, sort of. ;)

*SECOND NOTE- Sometimes God does not give us what we want. Does this mean His promise isn't true? Not at all, for when we seek God first, the nature of our desires may change because our desires are humanly and God's are holy. When we seek Him first, we seek His will. And God changes the desires of our hearts.

*THIRD AND FINAL NOTE- BUT God knows what we need and when we need it. So though my desire to finish college and pay for my last two classes on my own was a worldly desire (because I want a degree so I can get a good job), God has shown through his provision that this was also His desire for me to be able to afford it. So just because you desire something of this world does not mean God will say no because it is not heavenly. The point is only that God has a will for each one of our lives and it will happen whether we like it or not--but if we are seeking His Kingdom and His righteousness, everything that happens to us in that will will be exactly what we desired!

WHEW. The End.

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