Monday, June 21, 2004

Colors, Colours

Mine and Scott's new landlord has said I can give him suggestions for what color I want the walls to be painted. Exciting!! I've been trying to look up color charts online this morning. There are so many lovely colors in the world, and I want them all in my house! This is so very exciting for me. Our house sounds like its gonna be so cool. Yes, I have been using the word "house". It's a 2 story house! I should really let Scott give you the details since he's actually seen it, but boys are so boring with details. The house is being really fixed up right now, but by next month it will have a fully redone new kitchen, wooden floors (that means I get to buy rugs!), and freshly painted walls. It has two bedrooms, a living room and kitchen, a patio, a loft, and even a wee garden! (I assume by "garden" that means the British kind.) And according to Scott and Pete, the view is gorgeous. It over looks the river and the whole of Greenock. The view can be seen right out the living room window.

Ah, and get this. Pete (in case you haven't caught on, that's Scott's brother) was gonna get us a fridge for our wedding present, but since this house already has one he's getting us a bed instead! I'm very excited. I can't wait to move!

And finally, if you are in the area, we're having a Moving Sale this weekend right out of our living room. Come one, come all. Buy all my stuff. It's cute stuff that is painful to get rid of. Come by Saturday and buy cute lamps and vases and dishes and stuff. (Bike, grill, dresser, and desks as well. Need a computer? A car? Gonna sell those too but not this weekend.)

The end.

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