Thursday, June 03, 2004

My First Harlequin Romance 11-4-2002

Maria had been in a passionless relationship with Paul for the past three years. Paul had long ago stopped sending her flowers, buying her jewelry, and writing love letters. Paul worked all the time, and Maria felt alone. She thought marrying Paul would add a spice to their lacking romance, but all it did was leave her frustrated. Everyday Maria came home to a messy and empty apartment. There was always something that needed to be fixed, and Paul wasn’t man enough to fix them himself.

One day in the cold month of December, twelve days before Christmas, Maria came home from work as usual and turned on the television. Static. Not the cable! Maria thought. It was precisely 1:00 in the afternoon; soap opera time. Oh, what would she do if she did not find out what Rhonda had to tell Marc, or if Cassie would really sleep with Ted, or how Robert proposed to Margaret? Angrily Maria called the cable company. She insisted that someone come out at once or she would send her boyfriend other there to get them.

While she waited, the phone rang. It was Paul telling her he would be home late. Oh, what a useless man! She desolately began making lunch for herself, all the while cursing the wretched Paul. Just as she sat down to eat a warm bowl of soup, the door bell rang. The cable man! Maria danced to the door and swung it open. There standing before her was Brock.

“I’m here to fix your cable,” he said in a low, sexy voice.

“Come in,” Maria said, also in a low and sexy voice.

Brock sauntered in, his biceps bulging out of his white t-shirt and his jeans fitting nicely around his large thighs. “Is this your T.V.?” he asked suggestively.

“Oh, why, yes. It is.” Maria held her breath as Brock got down on his knees and opened his tool box. “I was just about to have some steaming hot soup. Would you like some?” she asked in her most mysterious tone, kneeling close to him on the floor.

Brock turned and looked deep into her lovely eyes. “What kind?”

“Chicken and stars.” Maria could barely contain herself.

Brock breathed deeply as he set his wrench down on the carpet. He leaned towards her and their fingers touched lightly. “I’m a married man,” he told her with a strong pang of regret. Maria’s heart sank. She sighed and placed her hand over his, caressing it with her thumb.

“That’s okay with me.”

Brock had very little self control and Maria’s dark hair and stunning figure were too much. He held his strong hand to her face and rubbed her cheek. “Okay.” Maria stood and stared down at him. He reached up for her longingly.

“Let me just slip into something more comfortable.” Maria turned and walked slowly towards the kitchen, swaying her hips provocatively. She tied an apron around her neck and poured Brock a bowl of soup. She turned, and Brock was waiting beside her. She was startled and spilled the soup on his chest.
“Oh, I’m so sorry!” Maria exclaimed.

“It’s no problem,” said Brock convincingly as he removed his shirt. He took the bowl from Maria and placed it gingerly on the counter. He held her waist and pulled her close.

“It’s cold in here,” Maria whispered.

“Allow me to warm you up.” Maria closed her eyes and waited for Brock to kiss her passionately. He let go of her waist and dipped the spoon in the soup. “Open up, beautiful.” Alarmed, yet captivated by his chivalry, she allowed him to spoon-feed her the entire bowl of soup.

“Are you warm now?” She nodded.

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