Friday, June 20, 2003

Welcome to My Online Grog

Will this ever-loving week ever end?? I'm seriously pooped. I don't know how I made it in this morning. What is it now, like Wednesday of next week? I can't believe how long this week has been. My brain is so fried. Scrambled brains, anyone? I shouldn't be allowed to work when I'm this fried. I'm going to wipe out the entire server or something. (Luckily I don't have access to that type of destruction.) I do however have access to other weapons of mass destruction- the enter key. All it takes is a slip of my fingers to accidentally "replace" instead of "copy" and hit enter and I could wipe out serious programs in Ascend. SOMEONE READING THIS TELL ON ME! TELL JAMIE I'M A HAZARD TODAY! I even went to bed early last night. We have our Thursday night Bible studies on Thursdays (oh geez) but we cancelled last night. Krauss was the only one to show up so we decided he could go home and play his new video games, and I could go to bed. But I spent the whole night chasing after my turtle (I have that dream at least once a week) so I really didn't rest. However, last night I made a break through with Speedy. Last night, he could talk so I explained to him the danger of him always trying to get out of his tank. I carried him through the house saying "See, there's no water anywhere. You'd dry up. Then you wouldn't be able to get back in your tank and you'd die. Do you see why I keep you in that tank now? Its for your own safety." Speedy understood and rested in my arms like a kitty and fell asleep. He explained to me the reason he always tried to get out of the tank was because a turtle in a tank nearby told him his tank was the Nile and that always scared him. "There's nothing deeper than the Nile," Speedy told me. I assured him that that turtle was just a bully and Speedy's tank wasn't the Nile at all and Speedy felt much better. Poor thing. No wonder he hated that tank so bad. I think now he'll be ok. (And maybe I can stop having that dream.)

Go here for my Friday Five answers. Go to 814 Storer tonight for the Sharkie show (bring a donation for buck.buck.) Go to JRs tomorrown night for the KXUA Summer Cook Out. I'll see you there. I'll be the one with scraggly hair and bags under my eyes.

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