Wednesday, June 18, 2003

The Gossip Column

(I'm going to start titling my entries. How fun!)

Two things about gossip to keep in mind:
1. It never pays.
2. It sometimes pays.

Ok, so I was going to tell you the story but I don't really want to be a real gossip column so I'll say this: It only paid once and that was when I told a friend to "watch out" for a certain guy, totally out of the blue, because he isn't very nice to girls and as it turns out, she was dating him. I didn't know that until I left that night, but when I told her she seemed kinda sad and said thanks for warning her..... so I don't know, gossip's really no good, but geez I hope this girl took my unintended good advice. She's a super sweet girl and this guy... wouldn't appreciate that about her.

Sooo, that's the end of that.

And for more important news....

I am getting my tattoo on Saturday. Yesterday at Arsaga's I was discussing my tattoo with David and I got really excited and said "Let's go. Now." So we got up, and went down to Beeline to get it priced. The girl looked at the design and said "That'll be a hundred bucks." Excuse me? For this little old thing? We thanked her and left. David was going to get his tattoo touched up (he got it done there and they messed up, so he gets a free touch up) but they said he'd have to come back on a Tuesday (it was a Tuesday.) Whatever. I was disapointed but we decided that this Saturday we'd drive down to Rogers and get them done at Triple A. Apparently they do really good work for not too expensive. Granted, I need to be saving money for my trip right now but, hey, it's a tattoo. No, it's not "a" tattoo, its my FIRST (maybe only) tattoo. I'm very excited. Gangster and Roger are getting Sharkie tattoos and asked if I wanted to get one with them... eh.. i don't think so. Maybe if i got a design for the word "Sharkie" in Arabic calligraphy... haha. gosh, i wish i knew how to paste pictures on here- i could show you what sharkie in arabic would look like. But as Taylor pointed out, my drawings are way too big and I don't know how to size them down. (I know what you're thinking- this girl acts like a computer nerd, then doesn't even know that. Ok, so I'm a wannabe computer nerd. I don't care what you think.)

that's it.

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