Monday, June 16, 2003

I had my parents in town for the weekend. It was nice. I took them to the Flying Burrito and they enjoyed it. (My dad was immensley bothered by the music coming from the Powerhouse patio however.) I also took them to the Terra Studios to look at all the pottery and the bluebirds of happiness and Mom enjoyed that. She bought herself a little bluebird... We also went to Arsagas so my parents could look at the art and get some coffee. Then we had dinner with some of their friends. It was a nice little day.

So. What is it about spilling drinks in really inappropriate circumstances? We had our monthly development group meeting and i had a cup of coffee. I set it right by the wall so it wouldn't get knocked over. All during the meeting I kept an eye on it because it would be embarrassing to spill it. I made it through the entire meeting. Yet as we were all leaving, i picked it up and dropped it. Coffee went all over my pants (barely missed Stephanie's) and all over the floor. Just in time for everyone exiting the building to see and have to walk around. Geez. I am a superklutz.

I'm so happy to be single, might I just say. Single and fabulous (with no questionmark.) Oh the freedom. When your single, you dont have to keep faithful feelings for anyone. I can drop a crush like that without being a bad person. Nooot to say I'm very capable of dropping a crush like that, but I could if it were necessary. There are many fish in the sea. Someday I'll meet my very own prince on a white seahorse, but until then, i don't mind swimming around with the school. (Just watch out for pirhannas, there's always pirhannas, Tripping Daisy once said.)

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