Monday, June 23, 2003

I do believe this campus is void of fruit juices. What happened to all the juice machines I used to see? Are they all in the dorms? Do I have to go all the way to Kimpel for a freaking juice? ("This is jr. high, you don't drink apple juice. You drink orange juice.") Whatever.

This weekend was mighty eventful. Friday I went shopping (I feel pretty guilty about it actually) and got some pretty work clothes. Then I went to Jessica/Emily/Kim/Laura's house for the show which was a lot of fun. That night we went to a hotel party where someone drank all my beer before I even got there. (I forgot that people suck and don't care who's beer they steal. Jerks.) The next morning I went to breakfast with some folks at Petra and it was yummy and THEN... I got my tattoo. :) It hurt. I'll be posting pictures pretty soon. That night was the KXUA Cook out at JRs. It was fun. But i was tired and my foot hurt from standing so much so I went home kinda early.

Eh... not much else to say. I want some juice. Guess I'll have to wait til lunch when I go home.

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