Wednesday, June 04, 2003

I made a Mikhail Gorbechev Power Point last summer for my western civ class. Since then I haven't been able to find the disk. But today, I brought my disk of poems to work to email to someone and it was on there! I haven't been able to find it because my computer at home doesn't have power point. (Its old.) So i just watched my presentation. Gorbechev was a great man. GREAT man. I'd like to shake his hand. I wish i knew how to do cool things like put power points up on my website. Anyway, don't believe Gorbechev was just some Communist who needed to be overthrown so Russia could become a capitalist nation. It's just not that way.

“The country received freedom, was liberated politically and spiritually, and that’s the most important achievement.” -Gorbachev’s resignation speech 1991
“He has decided that he would risk his power in order to save his reforms, rather than risk his reforms to save his power.”-Richard Nixon of Gorbachev

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