Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Boar Dumb

Much like my last post, I don't have a whole lot of interesting information to put forth. So why do I bother posting today at all, you ask? The answer is simple. Boredom. Two syllables: boar dumb. Speaking of syllables, just how many syllables are in the word "tire"? AH don't speak so soon, you say one. But just try saying "tire" in one syllable. Ha! Where are you from, south Texas? I'm sure if you look in a dictionary it would give you a pronunciation something like this " TYRE". Still, it is a fallacy. Even TYRE takes a pause, separating the word into seemingly two different syllables. This subject is on my mind because my wonderful friend Chris had a tire disaster yesterday and my heart goes out to him. Some things suck.

In fact, many things suck. Like boar dumb for instance. My supervisor is at a conference right now. I'm left to hold down the fort. But the truth is, many days, the fort is more like the looseleaf paper. Holding it down isn't a problem. Just drop a paperweight down on it and its held. I could leave and it would be held. Thats what today is. The fort is the paper. I am the paperweight. Yesterday, the fort was like a big top. Not terribly hard to hold down, but you have to do some work. You can't just tie down the corners to some cement blocks and walk away. You have to dig holes. Drop in poles. Fill in the holes with poles with cement. Tie the big top to the poles. Et cetera. So yesterday wasn't bad. Today is paper.

Not to mention the tiredness I feel. Which I basically just mentioned. Which leads me to another question. What arrogant schmuck coined the phrase "Not to mention.."? By saying "Not to mention" and then following it up with what you just stated was not worth mentioning, you have indeed created a facade of humility, or nobleness while still saying the unmentionable. It's the worst when its used for complaining. "Gosh, ------ is so annoying. She always eats my food. She always leaves the door unlocked. NOT TO MENTION she never feeds the cat..." Blah blah blah, if your going to mention it, just mention it.

Tonight, my friends, is my first out of town show with Sharkie. Not to mention my first time at the White Water Tavern. I hear its a great time. A great big fat sleazy time. Hip hip hurray! And that also means I have tomorrow off. Hip hip hurray!

On that note, I think I should cease my ramblings. I am going to go to the Union again on another attempt to find a juice. I only have like a dollar thirty- but certainly juice is about that? If there were a juice machine somewhere, i know it would be cheaper. Maybe I'll just go all the way to Kimpel. I don't know. Wish me luck.

"The less men think, the more they talk." -Charles Montesquieu

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