Thursday, June 26, 2003

My Mid-Week Summer Vacation

(For the record: Oh gross, I hate this new format for blogger. Gag, bleh, ick, its totally ugly.)

I just had the most incredible two days ever. Oh, I don't even know if I can explain in words how wonderful it was. Sharkie played in Little Rock Tuesday night at the White Water Tavern and it was the best show ever. We had so much fun. We played rather seamlessly, we had fun, the crowd was totally into it... Man, it was awesome. As Roger put it "It was some of our best work ever." The people all crowded around the stage and danced, sang along, clapped when they were supposed to, everything. The best part was that during Hugs and Kisses, people made out! I mean, not too much of the crowd made out, but people came and made out with us! (Well, with Gangster and Roger- I didn't get any play.) Actually, it was just one guy who made out with G. and R. (ha, G & R), but he did slip them both the tongue. That's what counts. After we played, tons of people came up to us and told us how much they enjoyed the show and whatnot and even a couple people asked us to play at houseshows and with their bands.

Ah but the excitement only begins there. The other bands were all a lot of fun, lots of punk, Darth Lion, Gut Feeling, and The American Princes. After the show, G. and R. and I sneaked into the RiverWalk apartments and slipped into the hot tub. We just relaxed for about an hour, chilling in a ritzy complex, getting eaten by mosquitos... We spent the night with Rebekah in her new LR apartment and in the morning at monkey bread (Chris, you should try it, *wink wink) and watched part of Miller's Crossing. Then we started our Little Rock adventure. We first went to Savers and shopped around. Then we ate lunch at the Pizza Cafe. We went to this new record store by Vino's and I almost bought a Cornelius record, Point, but changed my mind (my turntable's broken, I wouldn't be able to listen to it if i bought it). Then we drove to North Little Rock and went to the mall where we ate Dippin Dots, G. and I got another ear piercing each, and R. and G. made t-shirts for their girlfriends with their own picture on it. We went to the dollar theater and watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days for 50 cents, and G. caught a plush toy Homie out of the crane machine. After the movie we went to Vinos where we ate pizza with a couple of the guys from The American Princes on the ever exclusive patio and Gangster made out with his girlfriend who's staying in LR for the summer. At around 7:30 we left and drove back to Fayetteville, to be greeted by cool, pre-storm air and lightening. Seriously. My life has never been more Ferris Bueller.

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