Thursday, October 31, 2013

ODP Days 29, 30 and - Finally - 31!

Ohhh what a long and not fun month this has been! So different from last year when I could've kept up with the Project for another month. I loved doing this last year; I pretty much hated it this year. I nearly gave up so many times. Two days of the month I never even wore The Dress at all. But finally, the 31st has come and I am able to say I *mostly* made it.

Day 29:

Getting lazy with ideas, I wore The Dress with a black long-sleeved shirt, black leggings and a burgandy floral scarf. Brown flats.

Day 30:

Practically the same outfit as the day before, except the (same) black shirt was UNDER The Dress, and I changed scarves. And shoes. Not well-pictured, but I'm wearing nude heels. And there is an Lolly hiding behind me.

Day 31 - Halloween:

I've been waiting to wear this Harry Potter t-shirt with built-in black cape for weeks. Annoyingly, you can't see the attached cape in this photo. Today the outift cum costume consisted of The Dress with a Griffindor student shirt with cape (to represent a robe), grey school knee socks and brown flats. I wore my quickly-becoming-favourite chunky brown necklace, some brown earrings and my hair pulled back in bobby pins, the world's easiest way to fix frizzy hair. I called my costume 'Harry Potter Movie Extra'.

The kids had fun this Halloween. Usually I like to get really creative at Halloween and make fun costumes and make fun decorations, but this year, we had to go simple and make do with what we have. I did buy both girls butterfly wings, which they wore at differing times, but those wings and my t-shirt were the only Halloween costume pieces I bought this year. The rest just consisted of what we already had. How's that for Simplicity, eh?

Over the course of yesterday and today, the kids have chosen multiple Halloween costumes for their multiple events.

Fifi is doing 'Red Ribbon Week' at school, so while her outfits haven't exactly been 'costumes', I'm going to refer to them as such. The first day was Inside Out Day, and as I showed in the previous post, she wore Her Dress for the last time on that day. Tuesday was 50's Day, so we put together as 50's-ish an outfit as possible. Yesterday was 'wear camouflage or hunter's orange' day (which, what?). Having nothing of the sort, I took an XL men's orange jack-o-lantern t-shirt from my mom that she didn't need and took it in down the sides to make Fifi a jack-o-lantern dress. (Never got a photo of that. Grr.) Then last night we took the kids to a local church's 'Trunk or Treat', and Fifi wore her Hermione costume. This she also wore to school today for Book Character Day. I checked her out of school at lunch time to go to a Fall Carnival at my mom's work, and she changed into her butterfly costume. We came home from that, had dinner, and then prepared for Trick or Treating in the neighborhood. For that, she put on her Portuguese Princess costume.

50's Day

Hermione from Harry Potter


Fairy Princess
Lolly's various costumes included being a Spanish Dancer last night to Trunk or Treat, and then she dressed as a 'Dora Butterfly' for our local library's Halloween party. This consisted of wearing orange shorts and a pink shirt like Dora, but with butterfly wings. I'm highly annoyed at myself for not getting a picture of this either. For the Fall Carnival, she changed into a Dorothy costume, and then for Trick or Treating in the neighborhood, we designed a very spontaneous last-minute costume (because all of a sudden nothing else apparently would do) of SuperGirl - her Superman cape, red tights and a black leotard.

Spanish Dancer

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz


And Master Jaguar, too, went through a few outfits. Last night he went as Baby Harry Potter - easiest costume ever, just a lightening streak on his forehead. All day today he was dressed as a skeleton until dinner when he covered himself in food. Not sure what to change him into for Trick or Treating, I suddenly got the idea to try him in his kilt - half to see if it still fits. It does, so for Trick or Treating, he went as Lil Robert Burns.

Ow! My scar!


Tae a Messy Hoose

Oh, and last? I really need to show you what we had for dinner...

Jack-O-Lantern Stuffed Peppers. YUM.

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