Wednesday, October 16, 2013

ODP Day 16: Girl Scouts and Baby Brothers and a 16 Day Old Dress

Today was the first day in many weeks I didn't totally hate my outfit.

I wore The Dress tucked into jeans (later, I did the 80s side knot thing for convenience) and over it a cranberry crocheted (knitted?) three-quarter length sleeved jumper with little beads on the sleeves. I wore a green choker, one of my oldest and favouritest (yes, favouritest) pieces of jewelry, and cranberry ruffly socks and black shoes. It almost seems like The Dress was unnecessary and like I cheated a little, but the jumper always needs a shirt underneath it, so why not a black and white stripey one? I liked it.

"Lolly, did you get my legs in the picture?"

Fifi was late getting ready this morning. When I had her look at the time, she was only wearing Her Dress and she exclaimed, 'Oh no! I'm not wearing any accessories!' She darted to her room and quickly emerged wearing a black long-sleeved top over Her Dress and her new fuchsia leggings. She insisted on the neon wedge sandals, despite it being 55 degrees today, but oh well. I'm sure kids don't even feel the chill. (Besides, she's Scottish. 55 degrees is like a warm spring day.) She added a purple necklace and hair barrettes.

Show some teeth when you smile, kiddo!

Today Fifi went door-to-door with her friend Grace selling her Girl Scouts candy and magazines. Those two girls are going to be excellent saleswomen. If you combined them into one person, that would be serious Business Power.

This evening, I went out to eat with my family for my little brother's birthday. And by little I mean he's turning 28. Scott and the kids would've come too except Scott's back on keto and the lure of Asian rice and noodles would've been too much for him, and besides, it was too late for the kiddos to be out on a school night. After dinner, we returned to my wee bro's house for Birthday Banana Pudding, and we also drew names for Christmas. I love this idea, as trying to buy a gift for everyone in the family is just a little bit over the top. Especially when there are so many nieces and nephews nowadays.

My ickle brodder (about 7 years ago!)

All growed up now

Happy birthday tomorrow, little bro!

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