Sunday, October 13, 2013

ODP Weekend Days 12 & 13: Slummin' It.

It's the weekend. I had nowhere to be, so I didn't bother wasting precious ideas on The Stripes.

Yesterday, the kids were supposed to have soccer games, but as we left our house, some raindrops started falling. I checked the soccer website, and it had announced only four minutes prior that games were ON. So we pulled out of the driveway and headed towards the playing fields. Minutes later, it turned into a downpour. I pulled over and called the Team Mom Angie to see what was up. According to the coach, she said, games were on. In the downpour. With the lightening. I started griping to Marion about how there was no way I was taking my baby out in this and the kids can't play in this and this is dangerous with the lightening and so on and so forth. (Fifi in the back seat started chanting, 'Mummy's turning into an American!' because I refused to sit through a rainy soccer game, which she apparently deemed highly un-Scottish of me.) Then Angie called back to say the games had definitely been cancelled. We rejoiced and got Shipley's Donuts to take home instead.

I'd been wearing my Lil Red Bananas t-shirt (Lolly's team), but when the game got called, I went home and changed out of it. The game is rescheduled for Tuesday, so I figured it was best to save that particular ensemble for then. I changed into ultra-casual this:

Obviously, from this picture, you can tell, it stopped raining later. I didn't get a photo until we headed out for tea at 5pm. I'm simply wearing The Stripes with a gray short-sleeved hooded top and a black beaded necklace. I think I just threw on a pair of shoes, I didn't pay much attention.

Fifi, after changing out of her soccer uniform, decided she was tired of the Project. She asked if she could take Saturday and Sundays off. Most of the day she instead wore a Christmas jumper and a sparkly dress around her waist like a skirt. I told her she couldn't wear that out to dinner though, and reluctantly she changed back into Her Dress. I cheered her up by letting her borrow a necklace of mine (which she promptly snapped) and one of my hats. She added the pink stripy blazer and sparkly red heels.

Today was my mother-in-law's last day here (tear, sniff). We didn't have anything really planned, just spending a few more hours together relaxing. We did make a quick trip into Walmart this morning, and had McDonald's while we were at it, so I put on The Stripes. I layered it with a tan-colored tunic and brown beaded necklace and earrings and brown flats. Lolly took a photo of me when we got back. Jaguar photo-bombed it.

It is abundantly clear from this blurry photo that my legs have a long way to go before they match the tan on my arms. Ick.

Fifi got very excited suddenly about getting her picture made. To Walmart, she'd only worn simply Her Dress, but for the photo, she went wild with a red scarf, a pink hat (Lolly's) and giraffe ears (also Lolly's). Lolly was not impressed.

The rest of the day today, before Granny left, we played outside with kites and did some outside Halloween decorating. When Granny left for the airport with Scott, however, it was an utter meltdown. My poor girls wailed, my poor Mummy-in-law cried, I cried, Jaguar cried because everyone else was crying... it wasn't pretty. I changed into my pajamas right then (4pm) and made a batch of brownies, which I proceeded to eat straight out of the oven. Then I cleaned. Anything to keep from feeling sad about saying goodbye once again to my Other Mother.

Flying of the kites

Granny helping with the flying of the kites

Daddy helping with the flying of the kites

Blurry, but so Lolly

Jaguar, enthralled

Our scarecrows, guardians of the mailbox

Corpse Bride Ghost made by Fifi

Up close and spooky

Pumpkin Planter

My real Mother and David came over for dinner later on after Scott helped David move some furniture. It made me feel less lonely having my mommy around. The house felt too quiet without Marion. Mom helped me rearrange some furniture in the living room and my bedroom to accommodate for my new desk they got me, at which I am sitting right now in my new Pampered Chef 'office' space. We had steak and okra for dinner, played with my dog Gracie and put the kids to bed.

Now, it's time for me to get in bed too. Weekday mornings start awfully early around here; school starts at ten to eight!!

Oor dug

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