Sunday, October 06, 2013

ODP Day 6: Zoo-Wear

Today I wore The Dress as a shirt again for heading to the zoo. We got that lovely weather I was hoping for! The forecast 'claimed' it would be in the upper 50s/ lower 60s today, so I wore The Dress tucked into a pair of jeans with a black jumper over it. I went with some orange accessories: my favourite orange shoes (purchased from a charity shop last October for this project), my Irn Bru necklace (a gift from one of my favourite Scottish ladies, Sheila), my orange button earrings (a birthday present from my sister-in-law a few years ago) and my orange and green headscarf, to cover my washed-but-not-dried hairdo. I figure it's close enough to Halloween to start pulling out the black and orange combos.

Fifi wore Her Dress plain and simple with just a matching blue ribbon belt, white knee high socks and black Mary Janes. And of course, for the zoo, her tiger ears headband.

We had a lovely day at the zoo, with Granny Marion and Daddy both experiencing it for the first time. I like our zoo; it's full of character and eccentric animals and it's just the right size. Though I do feel some of the enclosures are too small for some of the animals. The elephants, for instance, were displaying behaviours of depression, which I've heard is common for elephants in isolation. There are a lot of complaints to be made about zoos actually, but they also care for injured and endangered animals, and, well, I'm just not willing to go all PETA about it.

Animal rights issues aside, I still love zoos.

The kids love it too, even Jaguar. The grown-ups loved it. I loved spending time with my husband and kids and mother-in-law in a low stress environment. We all had a great, and exhausting, day.

The McFarlane Family

Homo Sapien:  Commonly known as 'human' or 'man'

Depressed Elephants

Giraffe licking the window with its gross fish-tongue

Jaguar spots the Ocelots

Serious PDA: These lorikeets were totally making out

The oldest granddaughter with her Gran

Three siblings... and some penguins

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