Saturday, October 05, 2013

ODP Day 5: Rainy Days and Saturdays

Today was another perfectly Scottish day. We enjoyed a light misting of rain all morning while at Fifi's soccer game. Amazingly for America, it wasn't cancelled due to 'rain'.

Because the plan for today had originally been soccer game then zoo, I opted for a casual outfit. I wore The Dress with an Arkansas Razorbacks t-shirt, and my tartan sneaks.

Fifi wore Her Dress as a skirt with a ruffly, sparkly grey top over it. She wore her favourite neon wedge sandals with it and a red bow in her hair. Speaking of those sandals, they caused a major fight this morning, because Lolly wants them really badly. I think I'm going to have to go see if they are still for sale and get her her own pair.

After the soccer game, we took the kids to our favourite place to eat, The Mean Pig. As always, we took the obligatory Pig Bench photo. One day, I'll compile all these photos on this bench in chronological order and make a photo montage of our family growing up.

I have no idea what possessed Fifi to make that face.

While at Mean Pig, the heavens opened up properly, and we got a down pour. We decided that, as Scottish as we are, even we didn't fancy the zoo in such rain, so we headed back home. Granny entertained the kids while I took a nap with Jaguar. Then the kids entertained us with a 'play'. Then...

Granny babysat for us, so Scott and I could go on a date.

Hence the Evening Outfit. For our date, I changed out of my t-shirt and into a green shrug and my usual black flats. I grabbed my mini-bowling bag handbag that I'd used this morning with my casual outfit and easiest costume change ever.

Tonight was the first night out Scott and I have had together since moving to the US. It doesn't seem like it, but we've been here almost 4 months, so it was high time. We never got to go out for our anniversary, so this was our make-up date. We went to go see a very romantic movie, Don Jon.

Oh, did I say very romantic? I meant very disgusting. But entertaining. But disgusting.

It was just really nice being away from kids for a couple of hours. We didn't get to do much talking or catching up, but even just the silence and being next to each other was blissful. Though I have to say, the price of movie tickets is bloody ridiculous.

We came home to a cheerful baby and two almost-in-bed daughters. I put Jaguar to sleep, and my mother-in-law and I watched a couple episodes of Bodies. She'd never seen any of them before, so I enjoyed watching her squirm during the gross, bloody parts. I also enjoyed watching her reaction to the plot line. I hope she's up for watching a couple more episodes again with me! (I did not, however, enjoy watching the nudey scenes with her. There are still some lines that oughtn't be crossed with the mother of my husband!)

Tomorrow, if we're lucky, we'll hit the zoo, before Marion flies to Texas Monday morning to spend a week with her Texan family. I'm hoping for some good thunderstorms tonight while getting ready for bed, and then a nice cool cloudy day tomorrow.

Arkansas is much more tolerable with clouds.

If you're going to try to ruin my picture by making a dumb face because of the flash, you're going to get that picture put on the Internet.

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