Tuesday, October 15, 2013

ODP Day 15: Hump Day!

Seriously need to get my
screen repaired so I can take
good selfies again.
At last! Half way there! Or, technically, tomorrow at noon is half way there, since there are 31 days in October, but who's counting? (Me!)

I put on The Dress this morning assuming Lolly's soccer game was still rescheduled for tonight. I wore my Lil Red Bananas t-shirt over The Dress to support my kid's team, along with a red running jacket (I bought three of these running jackets, I love them) and just a pair of black sporty shoes. I even put on red heart earrings. However, her game was cancelled midday due to rain and the flooded soccer fields, so I kind of wasted an outfit. Hey ho!

That was seriously the least blurry picture of the ten my children took of me. Sheesh.

Fifi wore Her Dress with her turquoise sequin-y 'Peace' shirt and red tights and silver flats. She tried to borrow another one of my necklaces this morning, but after what happened the last time, I just helped her select one of her own, a silver and gold heart locket that one of her grandmothers gave her - can't remember if it was my mom or Scott's.  She was even sporting the side ponytail look, very tween.  She wore the shirt over the dress to cover the orange juice stains from yesterday. Which reminds me, I need to go put that in the washing machine.

*Leaves computer for a few minutes*

I'm back. One load of lights going.

So! The Pumpkin Patch!

I think the Hicks Family Farm Pumpkin Patch is better described in pictures. And since tonight I feel rather bereft of words (gies ma bed!), let these photos speak thousands for me.


Lolly's new squeeze (Jonah)

Me and Jaguar on the hay ride!

Lolly and Jonah loving the hay ride

The tractor that pulled the hay ride

Panning for gold in the huge sandpits

The hay maze (not to be confused with the corn maze!)
(No that wasn't a pun.  There really is a corn maze.)  (But corn maize would've been a good pun if I'd meant it.)

Trike Track

Punkins for sale!  This one's priceless.

The best punkin in the patch.

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