Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Days 18, 19, 20 and 21 (But Not 22 Even Though It's Day 22)

I've been all geared up lately for blogging, with topics, and clever little phrases already mentally penned...

But my days keep flying by me, and I keep running out of time.

So here is a drive-by ODP update while Jaguar naps and Lolly watches Charlie and Lola.  Maybe one of these nights won't be taken over by Pampered Chef or soccer or laundry.  Maybe.

How far behind am I?

Oh my.  Quite.

Here we go, quickly.

Day 18 was a bit of a cheat. I had a Pampered Chef show booked for the evening, so it was to be a day in the house, cleaning and getting prepared.  However, last minute arrangements were made to go to the park with our new friends Mandy and Co.  "Not wanting to get The Dress dirty," I wore joggy bottoms and a sporty jacket to the park instead of The Dress. Considering I'd slept in those joggy bottoms, I considered it really just an extension of still being in my pjs. 

For the Pampered Chef show that night, however, I wore The Dress with a long sleeved black top underneath, a fat red belt, my red Irregular Choice Flick Flacks, and black tights.  Around my neck, I wore a pendant my aunt gave me that belonged to my grandmother.

Day 19 - MY FAVOURITE DAY!  For the first time this month, it was cool enough to actually dress like ME!  I wore furry boots, grey tights, The Dress, a grey long-sleeved top over, and my green corduroy jacket.  For the first time this month (hell, since I moved back to Arkansas) I actually felt like I looked like the Lori I've grown to know and love for the last nine years.  I even wore Lolly's tattoo necklace, which made me feel even more 'me'.  I need to get another one since mine broke.  My neck feels naked without it.

(I used to wear one ALWAYS in college, lost it when I moved to Scotland, then finally got another one about a year before I moved back here.  I know they are out of style, but I loooove them.)

Ugh.  Then came Day 20.  It was still cool, so I wore the furry boots again with pink tights.  (Did I tell you I went tights shopping?)  I wore The Darned Dress with a black top over it, and tied the top up so it was around The Dress's waist.  I didn't love it, but it was okay.  I brought my gold velvet jacket to wear with it and a coordinating fancy handbag that I got at a garage sale, but it really didn't stay cool very long to wear the jacket.  I changed as soon as we got home from church into 'play clothes', because we wanted to carve pumpkins.  Which we did, and I'll blog those pictures soon.

Day 21.  The Dress is killing me.  I am so done with this. Jeans, The Darned Dumb Dreaded Dress, a blue sailor jacket.  I couldn't find the blue jacket later on last night when I went to my Pampered Chef team meeting, so wore the black sporty jacket instead.  Either way.  I'M SO DONE WITH THIS.

Today is Day 22.  The DDD Dress is in the washing machine, what a pity. I "accidentally" forgot to wash it last night when I came home, so unfortunately it has to be washed during the day. I will put it back on when it comes out of the dryer though.  I'll wear it to soccer practice tonight.  Because I can't fail this challenge.  Scott keeps telling me to just quit, but I can't. I WILL DEFEAT THIS DRESS.

Fifi is still going strong.  Though she said today, "It's hard wearing the same dress every day, especially when you get new clothes and want to wear them." Amen, sister. 

Day 18 I made her wear jeans and a t-shirt to the park too, so she wouldn't ruin her dress. I'm so glad I did, she stepped in mud puddles, fell off monkey bars and slid down muddy, wet slides. Her Dress is already starting to come apart at a few seams and darts; the park may have killed it.  I hope it holds out.  I wonder if she's considering Goodwill for her dress too....  But like a good ODPer, she put Her Dress on when she got home and just wore it As Is for the rest of the day.

Day 19, she wore Her Dress with black leggings, light up graffiti sneakers and a black and white star t-shirt.  She also wore a black hoodie - and my blue jacket - to keep warm on that lovely, cold day.  She didn't have a soccer game on Saturday, but she sure played hard on the sidelines at Lolly's game with the other soccer siblings!

No Day 20 for Fifi.  I'd "actually" forgotten to wash Her Dress (for real) and it was splattered with mud from playing at the soccer fields. I could not let her go to church with her dress in that state.  So she took a well-deserved day off, and looked adorable in a red corduroy dress with a long sleeved green shirt underneath and black tights.

Day 21, Her Dress is back on for school, paired with a cute white shirt with a lacy ruffly heart applique (which you can't see from the picture).  White tights, black shoes.  Why can't you see the rufflly heart?  Because I had to use my old camera which is now pretty much the kid's camera and the lense is all smudgy.  It takes white things and makes them glow.  Why did I have to use my old camera?  Because my Samsung Galaxy S3 died and went to mobile phone Hades.  Stupid phone.  Within a month of Scott's doing the exact same thing.  I had to go buy a new phone yesterday, much to my chagrin, since we have no other phone, and my phone is my life line - and business line.

Day 22.  She's wearing Her Dress today, and I have taken a photo with my new phone, but I haven't synced it up with Dropbox yet to get it uploaded.  Once I've done that (and gotten myself in my dress too), I'll post Day 22, along with some Pumpkin Carving photies!

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