Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Post Xmas Flu

We had a great Christmas, blah blah blah, you can read about it below, but come Boxing Day, I was loaded with can only be diagnosed as the flu, judging by the sheer lack of energy, the constant state of being both too hot and too cold, the sore throat that spread to my ears, the pulsating headache that felt like mini explotions, the creeping, sore skin, the 101 degree fever, and the nausea at the thought of food. I remained bundled up in my bed without moving (except for the toilet) for 48 hours. Today I managed to get up and thank goodness I did because Scott suddenly came down with it. He needed me to be a bit more alive to care for him (as he so patiently cared for me). With his asthma though, it's a bit more serious that he is unwell, and I've been trying to encourage him to do all the proper wellness techniques, such as drinking lots of fluids, staying warm, sleeping a lot and taking vitamin C. He's an impatient invalid, unfortunately, and gets bored being in bed. But his birthday PSP has helped quite a bit.

So anyway, we're away on sick leave from the blog for who knows how long. I think I'm at the tail end, having managed about twelve hours feverless (and the ability to walk around), but Scott may not see the light for many more days.


It's now 4am and I can't sleep due to a blocked up nose and sore throat. Someone shoot me!

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