Monday, December 05, 2005

Keepin' U Up on Waz Down

Firstomundo- Last night went fine. Or so folks say. I was too nervous to know the difference. When I start talking about spiritual stuff I become a real sere-butt (sere is short for serious, in case u ain't down wit da Lori-speak). So I was dead sere and my voice was all shaky but they say I did fine so I'll just leave it at that.

Secondino- It's three weeks until crimbo and the shopping is nearly done. Christmas is so commercialised and I am such a sucker for shopping, I'm beginning to think I should stop celebrating it. But I do love to give gifts so I wonder where to draw the line. It's a question too deep for me to delve into right now, what with all the other delving I'm doing.

Treble- That's how Scottish people say triple. It does my head in. Scott's birthday is next weekend. Everyone be sure to wish him a sweet sixteen! Sweet sixteen and never been kissed.

Quarterly- By the way I'm talking right now, you'd think I was high. If only. Hey! It's a joke, man, git wid it.

Five golden rings!- Fifthly and finally, let me just say my first observed Sabbath was wonderful. Saturday night I did as much cleaning up as I could (considering we were out part of the night) and on Sunday, I refrained from work. Though the pots that were soaking in the sink were KILLING me and the load of laundry was still a mile high, I just rested. Scott and I were late for church (resting? heh) and our church has lots of oldies who get upset if you come in late so we went back home and started a mini-series on Galations. (Why Galations? Because Scott opened the Bible somewhere in the middle, and we took it from there. We're really spiritual.) Then I read a bit more and fell asleep on the couch. The kitties played on me while I slept, and it made me happy. Then we went to Scott's parents for mince rounds and totties and spent the evening with them. We came home, and I spent some time praying and planning what I was gonna say at church in the evening. We went to church, it was actually really good (this is the church we stopped going to, remember) and came home and snuggled up for bed. And guess what? The pots got washed tonight and a load of laundry is spinning through it's cycle, and I'm still alive. And I feel good and rested for a change. And I feel even more confident that God is gonna take care of everything, even without me striving 24/7. Yeah, dog. God is good.

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