Monday, December 12, 2005

More Just Stuff

1. My kittens are licking their paws simultaneously, and it is oh-so-cute!

2. We are severely lacking in the Christmas card receipt department. One card in the mail (thanks, Jonathan and Sarah. We know who are TRUE friends are.) and a few handed out at church (my name misspelled each time. Who IS this "Laurie"?) We mailed out fifty cards, and that doesn't include the church folk we'll be dispersing cards to on Sunday.

3. Scott's mum bought us these awesome Advent calendars that have real pouches to put real gifts in. I've been getting totally cool stuff, like the shiny bling bracelet I just opened and am now wearing. Bling bling!

4. I think I'm ready for the SU Christmas party. I bought mince pies, and I drafted a wee speech in the Notes section of my new 2006 planner. I need to work in a few jokes though before I present it, which I think we all know is destined for failure. "Heeyyyyyy kids!!! Huhuh!"

5. I talked to my dear friend Devon last night on the phone, and it didn't make being away any better. I miss Devon and I miss Amanda and I'm going to go throw myself in the Clyde. (My bling will help me sink.)

6. Worst shopping experience EVER today. I went on a mission to find a Christmas dress and didn't return with so much as a sock. I looked like an enormous Champagne bottle in one dress, a condom in another, and a pepperoni pizza in the last. Did I mention I have four zits and PMS? Not a good day.

Oh and did I mention that everyone in Britain is supposed to have no thighs, no ass, and heavens PLEASE no hips? Yeah, it's the style. I'm gonna have to weight (pun) 'til the next new wave of 80s. I thought this was my chance, but anorexic is way too in. Shapeless, weightless and prepubescent is the new hourglass.

7. Scott's birthday is SATURDAY, and I am planning the coolest date ever (possible at present). I don't have a dress or anything (murmer grumble) but Scott'll look hot in his suit while we're eating at... and .... and going to... Oh, the suspense...

8. I have to now go a) make a payment on the ole' credit card and b) make shortbread for the par-TAY.

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