Saturday, December 10, 2005

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Well, I'm surprised more people weren't excited about Rangers. This is history in progress, people! But since clearly no one else cares, I won't go on any more about it. Oh, other than to say I was offered a ticket to the match tomorrow at Kilmarnock, and I had to turn it down. Family dinner been planned for a few weeks.

For the SU party on Tuesday, before I give a little talk on "The Real Meaning of Christmas" I'm doing a little Christmas Quiz. This is where audience (you!) participation comes in. Which type of quiz would you suggest among the *following:
1. Multiple-Choice Questions like "Celebrating Christmas was once against the law in...? a. Holland b. Indiana c. Massachusetts d. Japan"
2. Christmas carol teasers like: "Perambulating through a December solstice fantasy"
3. Christmas movie quotes like: "Now I have a machine gun. Ho. Ho. Ho."

After I do the fun quiz, and before the real talk, I'll do a True/False thing about the nativity story and then go into the real thing. I think I'll just have whichever quiz I choose printed out on paper and lying about for the kids to work on while they're munching on cookies and milk.

Lori's Ultimate Last-Minute Gift Ideas.
Still can't think of what to get that rando? Here are a few ideas.
1. The Gift That Keeps On Giving: With a subscription to a great magazine, your rando pal will be enjoying your Christmas present once every month for a year!
2. Adventure for the So-Inclined: Adventure gifts are so freaking cool. You can find them everywhere, but my favourite is the Aqua Sphereing. You can also find gift vouchers for any adventure through many places, such as Days to Amaze (
3. Rando for the Rando: No one actually owns a Sumo wrestling suit, but anybody would accept one! Smoking isn't easy to quit, but a coughing ashtray can certainly help. Try perusing unique gift sites for the perfect rando gift for the rando in your life. My favourite is I Want One of Those ( It ships fast - you could still have it in time for Christmas! (It's a UK site, though, so Americans may want to find something American, if you want it by Christmas.)
4. Royally Cool: Fine, so it's not royalty, per se but you can make someone a Lord or Lady by purchasing a bit of land for them. There are several places you can find this gift, but here's the cheapest I've found. One square foot of land can give you the right to put that coveted "Lady" title before your name. I don't know about you, but insisting my boss call me Lady McFarlane seems totally rad.

That's all the advice I have. Sorry. It wasn't that awesome, I know.

Hope you are all doing great. Allow me to leave you with this:

What Flavour Are You? Buzz buzz, I am Coffee flavoured.Buzz buzz, I am Coffee flavoured.

I am popular in the workplace, even though I am often bitter. I am energetic to the point of being frenetic; buzz buzz, out of my way. I tend to overwork myself and need periods of recovery time. What Flavour Are You?

Answers in case you're wondering:
1. "Celebrating Christmas was once against the law in...? a. Holland b. Indiana c. Massachusetts d. Japan" c. Massachusetts
2. "Perambulating through a December solstice fantasy" "Walking Through a Winter Wonderland"
3. "Now I have a machine gun. Ho. Ho. Ho."
Die Hard

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